What do I need to pay attention to after finishing the machining of CNC machine?

Source: Zhejiang Hitique CNC Machine Co., Ltd.Release time: 2022-03-16

1. Clear the chips, wipe the machine tool, use the machine tool and the environment to maintain a clean state.

2. Pay attention to check or replace the oil wipe plate on the worn out machine guide.

3. Check the status of lubricating oil and coolant, and add or replace them in time.

4. Turn off the power and total power supply on the machine operation panel in turn.

5. Machine tool start-up should follow the first return to zero (except for special requirements), manual, pointing, automatic principle. Machine operation should follow the principle of low speed, medium speed, and then high speed, where the low speed, medium speed running time should not be less than 2-3 minutes. When determined that there are no abnormalities, before starting work.

6. It is strictly forbidden to knock, correct and amend the workpiece on the chuck or between the tops.

7. The operator must stop when working to change the tool, workpiece, adjust the workpiece or leave the machine.

8. The safety and security guards on the machine tool, the operator must not arbitrarily disassemble and move.

9. The machine tool must be used to check whether the program used is similar to the parts to be processed before the start of processing, to confirm that there is no error, before the management of the safety guard, start the machine tool for parts processing.

10. Machine tool accessories and gauges, tools should be properly stored, to maintain the integrity and good, lost or damaged frame compensation.

11. After the training should be cleaned machine tools, keep clean, the tailstock and dragging plate moved to the end of the bed position, and cut off the machine power.

12. Machine tools in the work of failure or abnormalities should immediately stop, protect the site, while immediately report the site responsible.

13. The operator is strictly prohibited to modify the machine parameters. If necessary, you must notify the equipment manager, ask the equipment manager to modify.

14. Understand the technical requirements of the part drawing, check the size and shape of the blank for defects. Choose a reasonable method of mounting parts.

15. Correctly select CNC turning tools, and install parts and tools to ensure accuracy and solidity.

16. Understand and master the CNC machine control and operation panel and its operation essentials, enter the program accurately into the system, and simulate the inspection, room cutting, and do all the preparatory work before processing.

17. If you find that the lathe is running abnormally or malfunctioning during processing, stop immediately to check and report to the instructor to avoid danger.

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