CNC machine tool use operation troubleshooting and troubleshooting

Source: Zhejiang Hitique CNC Machine Co., Ltd.Release time: 2022-04-16

I, the use of CNC machine tool fault detection principles

When the operation of CNC machine tools in the use of the process of failure, the relevant technical maintenance personnel in order to improve the quality and efficiency of troubleshooting work, should follow the corresponding troubleshooting principles, and combined with past experience in fault repair, as well as the actual situation of the use of CNC machine tools, troubleshooting and maintenance.

In the operation of CNC machine tool fault detection work, should follow the first static after the dynamic, first mechanical failure after the electrical fault, first external after the internal principle of fault detection work. After the occurrence of the fault, the staff should first cut off the power supply, in the state of power failure for fault investigation. Some faults in the power-off state can not be confirmed, need to be found when the machine tool is running, such faults need to be related to the staff in the case of CNC machine tools running under power to investigate. Mechanical failure is a common machine tool operation failure, in order to improve the efficiency of the maintenance work, you can start with mechanical failure to investigate the work, so as to effectively improve the efficiency of the investigation work. Electrical faults are less significant, the staff should do a good job of electrical fault detection work, making the investigation more comprehensive and thorough. In the operation of CNC machine tools, many of the equipment parts are in a stable and efficient operation, in order to effectively avoid the emergence of CNC machine tool operation failure, the actual operation of CNC machine tools in the process of use, because the equipment maintenance work is not scientific, unreasonable resulting in operational failure occurs, therefore, when the operation of CNC machine tool equipment failure, first of all, the machine tool equipment should be the external fault Examine the work, and then in the internal troubleshooting of CNC machine tool equipment.

II, the operation of CNC machine tools in the process of common troubleshooting methods

1. Tap method

CNC machine tool equipment has a large number of wires and circuit boards, these circuit boards and wires are connected together through welding, therefore, once the welding operation in the failure, it is easy to use the CNC machine tool in the process of failure. When such failures, the maintenance technicians can tap on the circuit board and wire and cable of the machine tool to determine the parts of the fault, so as to determine the circuit board and wire and cable connection parts of the general scope of the fault, and then find the cause of the fault and the specific location, the parts of the fault for repair, through welding and replacement of components and other methods to troubleshoot and Processing, thus improving the speed of troubleshooting and repair.

2. Parameter inspection method

Equipment operating parameters for CNC machine tool processing efficiency and quality plays a more direct impact, once the equipment operating parameters are set unreasonably, it is very easy to trigger the operation of the failure. In addition, the equipment operating parameters are also affected by the operation of the control board and the external environment, will make the control system of CNC machine tools can not operate normally, thereby reducing the quality and accuracy of CNC machine tools processing. It can be seen that the change of parameters for the normal operation of CNC machine tools have a greater impact. Therefore, the relevant maintenance and technical personnel in the troubleshooting can be used to troubleshoot the parameter check method. Through the internal components of the machine tool equipment, such as wear and tear, operating conditions and installation accuracy checks, according to the performance of CNC machine tools, parameter changes to the use of machine tools to troubleshoot the operation of the machine, the machine tool to readjust the program, the machine tool to reset the operating parameters, so as to ensure the normal operation of CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of processing.

3. Exchange method

In some cases, the fault occurred relatively suddenly, equipment maintenance personnel can not find the components needed to replace in time, can not make the fault to be timely investigation and solution. In the face of this sudden situation, the relevant staff can use the exchange method for troubleshooting, without affecting the normal operation of other links on the basis of two similar components, modules for exchange, and then observe the operation of CNC machine tools, if the exchange of components, modules after the machine parts still can not run normally, you can determine the part is the location of the fault through this method can effectively improve the fault The speed and accuracy of troubleshooting.

4. Functional program check method

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, automatic detection technology has begun to be more and more widely used, automatic detection technology can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of CNC machine tool fault detection work, the relevant staff can advance the normal operation of CNC machine tools parameters into the fault detection software program, the system through the data and parameters of the comparison and operation to determine the fault detection work The specific location of the machine failure, to provide a scientific and reasonable troubleshooting program to effectively eliminate the failure of CNC machine tools.

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